Saturday, January 10, 2009


So yesterday I dealt with the issue so many of us momtrepreneurs deal with on a regular basis. My little one, Emi, was diagnosed with an ear infection, which loosely translated means, "I worked with a screaming banshee in my ear all day." I had three clients who had to get things out by end of day, so I had no choice but to answer their calls while the little darling shrieked her head off. The coversations went something like this:

Me: {company name}, this is Laurie
Me: I'm sorry, would you speak up?
Me: Oh yes, don't worry, that's just my co-worker two cubes over with an ear infection. Yes, I'll inform her to put a sock in it.

LOL. Actually, I told clients the truth - that I had a sick kiddo - and we got along as best we could with a one year old screaming her head off right next to the phone. To my surprise, it wasn't as big a deal as I thought. Clients were very understanding.

Cut to an hour later and Emi falling asleep in my arms AS I TYPE A PRESS RELEASE. Have you ever tried to hold a one year old chubster and typed witty copy at the same time? Of course you have - it's just a normal day in momtrepreneur land. Ah the joys of working from home...

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