Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Is Your Christmas tree still up?

I had a chat tonight with a beautiful friend of mine with two young kids and our conversation quickly veered from plans for tomorrow night to what we had not accomplished in our hectic day. My friend shared that they took down their Christmas tree TODAY! You gotta love that girl. I admitted something was growing in our fridge and based on the smell, it was a wet, very hairy dog, or maybe a dead fish... we're not sure. Between owning a company, working from home, being mom to the kids, wife to the hubs and starting the momtrepreneur community, there's too little room for showers, much less cooking, cleaning or "gasp"regular sex!

So here's my question to you lovely ladies, what gets kicked out of your routine so you can spend quality time with your family? Cleaning? Cooking? Scrubbing the toilet? Would love to know your thoughts. Because we can't be the only two moms in the world who still have an Xmas tree up and a dead fish smell in the fridge. Can we?

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