Saturday, January 31, 2009

...Of Business Trips and Mardi Gras Beads

I just got back from a business trip to New Orleans and have to say... my kids are troopers. As I trudged out of the house in the early morning last week on my way to a four day trip, both kids gave me smiles and kisses (of course, after I promised uber gifts upon my return) and then turned back to Hubs and played with reckless abandon.

On my way over to a colleague's house I felt good- my kids were safe and secure in my love for them and knew I would be back. Right? I picked up a co-worker and watched as her two year old daughter cried and clung to her neck. Wait a minute....Why did my kids not act that way when I left? Thinking back, they turned away before I was even out the door. Daddy was being a cool T-Rex and mom was... what, extinct?

Now, just to be straight, I am not one of the moms who needs her kids to fall all over her in order to know their love. I see it in their numerous kisses and the way my son equates every over-protective animal mom in our stories to me and the small animal the rabid mother is protecting to him. But... come on kids, I was on bed rest for your asses - squeeze out a tear already!

As it turns out, my fears were quelled the moment I returned from my trip- running, bursting hugs ensued, screaming "fans" could hardly get through the door fast enough. I laughed out loud to see them, crouched down to take in the assault of hugs and kisses and breathed them in - my wonderfully secure and fabulously in-love kids. T-Rex be Damned!

Friday, January 23, 2009 1 year old called 911 today...

Yes, you read that right - my one year old daughter, Emi, called emergency services while playing with my blackberry at a Drs appt. Who knew there was a special button from the lock screen? I'm here to tell you fellow moms - it is there and it is real. As real as the phone call I got back from 911 Operators asking if there was an emergency. The call went something like this:

911: Hello - we just got an emergency call from this cell phone.
Me: Yes, the emergency is, I'm going to die of embarassment.
911: Excuse me, maam?
Me: And along with me, will be a one year old Hellion who has somehow learned how to use a Blackberry.
Pregnant pause....
911: Is this a serious call?
Me: It is. Would you like to send DFYS around to pick up my daughter? ... PLEASE!

Well, at least that's how it went in my head. The real discussion went something like this:
911: Hello - we just got an emergency call from this cell phone.
Me: I'm so, so sorry. My daughter had my phone. It will never happen again.
911: Hurmmmpph

I'll be reminding her of this moment when she's old enough to tell me she'll "die of embarrassment" by being seen with her mother....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Is Your Christmas tree still up?

I had a chat tonight with a beautiful friend of mine with two young kids and our conversation quickly veered from plans for tomorrow night to what we had not accomplished in our hectic day. My friend shared that they took down their Christmas tree TODAY! You gotta love that girl. I admitted something was growing in our fridge and based on the smell, it was a wet, very hairy dog, or maybe a dead fish... we're not sure. Between owning a company, working from home, being mom to the kids, wife to the hubs and starting the momtrepreneur community, there's too little room for showers, much less cooking, cleaning or "gasp"regular sex!

So here's my question to you lovely ladies, what gets kicked out of your routine so you can spend quality time with your family? Cleaning? Cooking? Scrubbing the toilet? Would love to know your thoughts. Because we can't be the only two moms in the world who still have an Xmas tree up and a dead fish smell in the fridge. Can we?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I don't care if you're Republican, Democrat, White, Black, Asian or anything in between, today serves as a momentous and amazing passing of the torch from ignorance into the light. The first black president! I watched the inauguration of President Obama with so much pride. As a nation of mothers who want the very best for our children, we've done right by our kids today. Not just because we've looked past the lines of color and hired the right person for the job, but because we've taught coming generations that regardless of where you come from, all that matters is where you dream of being. What a fantastic legacy to leave our children. GO OBAMA!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Hudson Mom with Moxie

I watched one of the survivors from yesterday's amazing airplane rescue from the Hudson River on the Today show this morning, a mother who had two children on the plane with her - a preschool girl and a baby boy. While the story itself was incredible (a person in the seat next to her helped her get her son out safe and sound) what I loved best about the interview were her two kids literally bouncing all over her during the questions. Her little guy was fussing, the daughter was getting bored - at one point the baby even pulled on his sister's headband and she was screaming "he hit my ear" - all while Matt Lauer asked "probing" questions above the din. It was great!! Before long both kids were in the mom's lap as she gamely tried to answer questions while jostling the baby and cajoling her daughter. And while her day yesterday was MUCH more adventuresome than mine, I realized that that's what we do as moms, isn't it? We struggle, we face adversity - and yet - at the end of the day, we stop in the middle of the insanity, pick up our children, hold them tight against us... and go on...

To see the video, click here:

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

YAY for Free-School

There are several milestones that have happened throughout my kid’s lives that have cheered my husband and me to the point of downright giddiness – whole milk? Let’s get down on our knees and praise the cows. Sleeping through the night? Goooo Ferber Method! While these events were all miraculous, near miracles that made our lives considerably easier, I had an aha moment the other day with a milestone I never expected. I dropped my three year old off at his pre-school up the road and as I walked down the halls, I realized that someday soon I would actually have "gasp" free time. (For three hours a morning,anyway.) My daughter was at home with our nanny and my son was at school – I was totally and completely ALONE. Oh my God, I could go to the bathroom ALL…BY…MYSELF! I smiled, hopped in the car and pulled into a Starbucks. Wow – no car seats. No shrugging coats on. Nothing but…me… and a steaming coffee (the third great love of my life behind hubs and the kids). I had forgotten this feeling. And there in my car, with my steaming coffee and Blackberry, I realized that life would indeed, some day, get back to being mine. Imagine….

Monday, January 12, 2009

DivineCaroline Publishes Motherload Post

Divine Caroline, a publishing site and ezine by and for women, has published an article I've written about my "toddlerpreneur" and his peddling money for an art project. If you have a moment, check it out here:

And if you like it, click on the "I liked it" link, that helps bring articles to the front page.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


So yesterday I dealt with the issue so many of us momtrepreneurs deal with on a regular basis. My little one, Emi, was diagnosed with an ear infection, which loosely translated means, "I worked with a screaming banshee in my ear all day." I had three clients who had to get things out by end of day, so I had no choice but to answer their calls while the little darling shrieked her head off. The coversations went something like this:

Me: {company name}, this is Laurie
Me: I'm sorry, would you speak up?
Me: Oh yes, don't worry, that's just my co-worker two cubes over with an ear infection. Yes, I'll inform her to put a sock in it.

LOL. Actually, I told clients the truth - that I had a sick kiddo - and we got along as best we could with a one year old screaming her head off right next to the phone. To my surprise, it wasn't as big a deal as I thought. Clients were very understanding.

Cut to an hour later and Emi falling asleep in my arms AS I TYPE A PRESS RELEASE. Have you ever tried to hold a one year old chubster and typed witty copy at the same time? Of course you have - it's just a normal day in momtrepreneur land. Ah the joys of working from home...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Momtrepreneurs, UNITE!

I started this blog because I wanted to share the experiences of being a wife, mom to two kids and business owner all at the same time. I think you ladies will share my opinion when I tell you the key is - BALANCE! I've owned my own company, Charisma! Communications, for more than 6 years now and have worked out of my home, all the while being happily married and raising two rambunctious kids - a one year old girl and a three year old boy. I so often bump into people who, when they hear about my situation, gush that it is ideal. And while I have to admit, it's pretty darn good, there are also situations, stresses and events that are unique to my situation. Things like my son yelling "I'm pooping" during a conference call with an important editor, or trying to get away from the sound of a moneky shrieking at the zoo while walking a client through a crisis. I'd like to use these posts to help other momtrepreneurs get their own business started, keep it growing or if nothing else, laugh about our intensely crazy lives as we try to "have it all."