Saturday, August 1, 2009

Got a Good Slogan?

Seriously! What is it about 4 year olds that make them instantly ready to interrupt phone calls and any conversation that doesn't involve them? It's like my son has a sensor in his head connected to our phone. I pick up the receiver and he comes running - more often than not screaming something only dogs can hear!

Which is how I found myself on a phone call last Friday afternoon, with a laughing client as I tried to speak intelligently above my son's 500 decibel questions about his private parts. Really?

Ok ladies, I think it's high time we have some humor in the mix about our predicament. I'm putting out a call for best slogans for work-from-home moms. Things like, "Mommy Needs a Nap." Or "Where's my Bottle?" with a pic of a bottle of wine.

Give me your best shot and I'll begin posting them. We gotta laugh about it, right? Either that or continually bang our head against the wall. And I don't know about you guys, but I've got enough headaches in my life!

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