Saturday, May 16, 2009

Throw Her in "the Hole"

I've been in the hole the last few days... its been dark, scary and devoid of any communication. I haven't truly been in jail, but its a prison of its own making. This last Monday I plunged myself into darkness when my coffee spilled and fried my Blackberry. How one of the great loves of my life (coffee) could create so much pain defies logic... but I digress...

I was never a person who had to have a cell. In fact, just a few short years ago friends would ask why I even owned a cell phone. I never carried it. But that all changed when a seemingly innocent fruit came into my life, dun... dun... dun... the Blackberry...

I marveled at its charms. It was a working moms dream come to life. I would check emails from the zoo. Text about "business meetings" while downing glazed donuts, even chat with friends while playing yet another round of Whack a mole.

Fast forward to a year later and I was hooked faster than a trout with no peripheral vision. I could now text without looking at the pad, make calls with voice activation, even update Facebook. And then came the morning it all ended. I was frantic. I felt like the corporate rug had been pulled out from under me. Actually, more like spit on and then yanked, leaving me falling behind. Some suggested using my work phone. Hmm- an unworthy competitor. Go back to my old cell? Ridiculous!! And that's why I found myself running into the nearest Verizon store, two kids in tow, desperate for another hit. I felt feverish and hot until they placed the new, shiny communication powerhouse into my sweaty palm. And only then did my heart returned to normal.

Folks, I am now, officially, a crackberry citizen. If my old cell could see me now....

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  1. This sounds exactly the way my husband is with his Blackberry. I thought he was going to lose it yesterday when he couldn't remember where he put it. I actually started to panic too - his whole life is on there!!!