Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Help - I'm Addicted to Jon and Kate Plus 8!!

I seriously love this show. I love the 8 kids and up until this season I loved Jon and Kate. They were in Hell, but damnit, they were in it together and even more amazing, could laugh about the exploits of their crazy life. What was there not to like?

This season's opener - for starters. It was like being a fly on the wall in a marriage counselor's office. Could Kate be any more flippant? And John - help decorate your damn kid's party, man! It couldn't have been more awkward as the couple sat as far away from each other in the chair as possible.

I feel bad for the family - and oddly connected to Kate. While I may not believe in the tactics she's using - I connect with her need to try to balance family life and a fulfilling career. Is this proof that we can't have it all? Or maybe we just need to each individually determine what "it all" means to us. Interested in your thoughts on this matter...

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