Monday, March 23, 2009


As momtrepreneurs, it's a tough balance between kids and your business, but women are doing it, and doing it extremely well, every day. Today I'd like to introduce the first of hopefully many guest columnist mamapreneurs -- otherwise known as ONE HOT MAMA.

Today's HOT MAMA is Jennica Maxfield. Jennica is a mom of 4 and the owner of Peekaboo Kids Gear (, a unique kids consignment shop. She also maintains a blog at called I Want to be a Work at Home Mom!!

If you like her below post, head on over to and follow her or let's support other mamapreneurs and purchase her gear. -Laurie ______________________________________________________________
Do you ever wonder what kind of legacy you are leaving your children? What they are learning from you every day and the impressions you will leave on them that will last for the rest of their lives? Does it freak you out as much as it does me?? As overwhelming as that can be, I believe it is good for us to be frighteningly aware of the task ahead of us.
I was thinking about this the other day as I came home from working at my (temporary) day job and then picked up where I left off with my business (my real passion). I kind of speculate sometimes about what my kids see as they are watching me work 12-16 hour days every day. A workaholic? Maybe.But maybe not.
When I’m putting in the amount of time that I am to create the business of my dreams I occasionally sit back and ask myself ‘Why?’…and you know what the answer is? For them. I want my kids to see that ANYTHING is possible. I want to show them that regardless of circumstance, age, class, skin color, gender or anything else that might present as an obstacle in their lifetime, they have within them the ability to be a force in this world.I also want to demonstrate to them that the sole purpose of our lives is not to make as much money as we can and acquire a gazillion possessions. This life is about people. Relationships. Connecting.
And while it honestly doesn’t matter to me whether my kids become business owners or doctors or missionaries (though all those are noble!), it matters that they learn to follow their passions and know that they can make a difference in the lives of people around them with those passions.So I’m here to tell you today that yes, it is worth it. It’s worth all the hard work and time and effort you are putting into ‘It’. And BRAVO for pursuing your dreams and being an example of courage and determination to your precious kidlets!

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