Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So I lied...

I didn't stay home with my little one today. The Emi waterfall stopped and I thought she was doing well. (More on that in a moment.) Instead, I kept my first appointment with Mike Curtis, a Coach and mastermind behind He did not disappoint.

Lately I've been trying to figure out my goals and where I really want to be in life, both professionally and personally, and made it one of my new year's resolutions to explore different options. Within the first hour of my time with Mike, he helped me focused in on what I want, how to get there, the measured steps needed to take action and most important of all, he promised to hold my feet to the fire.

Was it daunting? Yes. Were the decisions hard? Yes, some of the most difficult in my career to date. Is he going to keep me to my word? A resounding yes. But.... will I be happier and more fulfilled? I have a feeling the answer will be a whole-hearted yes.

I can't share with you yet what we went through today, because I need to take action based on our conversation, but I can tell you I feel much more positive about pursuing the career/life balance I so desperately need right now.

So a big shout out goes to Coach Mike - now if he could just help me clean up some of this puke, my life would be complete. (In other words, Mt Emi errupted yet again the moment I got home from our meeting.) Just another day at the office...

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