Sunday, February 22, 2009

Building Traffic the Organic Way - Compliments of Amy at MomAdvice

Short and sweet blog today, with a GREAT article to point you to from Amy at In her blog, Motherload, Amy gives some terrific advice to any moms out there trying to build online traffic for promotion of their blog.

In a February 11 post titled. "Play It Again, Momma: Gaining a Readership the Frugal Way" _ Amy gives momtrepreneurs step-by-step advice for building a fan base without spending thousands. Thanks, Amy! Keep up the good work. And with her article in mind, if you're reading this blog - I'd love to have you sign up as a follower.

And about the fact that I'm just posting an article from Feb. 11 now, take it easy on me... it's been a tough week. More on that to come...

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