Friday, July 17, 2009

Running for my life..

Here's a little sneak peek if my life were a movie -- this would be the horror scene.

Imagine a conference call for a new client, needed at 3 pm -- officially the time between when our nanny is off for the day and hubs comes home from work. Otherwise known as - the dead zone. I set up the video, popcorn and juice for the kids. All is ready. They're watching a moive quietly as I dial into the line. When SUDDENLY...dun...dun...dun...

A chubby hand knocks on the office door. OH NO! I put the phone on mute and direct her back out to the living room. Unmute. And then.... chubby hand. Mute. Direct her back. Unmute. This is not working...

I run upstairs to our bedroom and close the door. Unmute. I can hear my daughter milling around the door outside. Mute. She finally gives up. Unmute. Hmmm... it's a bit too quiet. I peek out. She sees me and comes running. Mute. Mute. Mute.

This is the chase scene part of the movie. I literally run from my two kids and try to find a quiet place, wildly hitting mute and unmute while answering questions with a quick yes. mute. no. mute.

I bust into the bathroom, running for my life, close the door and sit on the floor. Awww - quiet. Unmute. ----- Only to have my cell phone die.



  1. I think this must be a rerun. I have had the EXACT same experience.

  2. This sounds like my life every day!